Built for value

Software accounts for over 60 per cent of all IT investments made by companies worldwide. Enterprise applications are a critical component of a company’s competitive advantage. In light of all this, one may believe that companies do everything to get enterprise applications right. The truth is however very different.

A joint survey conducted by McKinsey and Oxford university concluded that companies fail to do the basic planning correct when it comes to enterprise application development. According to the survey, IT executives admitted that missing focus and execution issues are two major causes of budget and cost overruns.

Companies must follow a rigorous approach towards application development to ensure that they avoid cost overruns and get better returns on their IT investments. Applications must be customized to the unique the unique context and business needs of companies. This requires comprehensive joint effort in drawing up the scope, deliverables and targets.

In future posts, we will write more about how companies should approach application development. Contact us at info@lexyslabs.com to know more about how we help companies develop world-class enterprise applications that deliver a lasting advantage.


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