Delight customers

It is hard to overstate how important it is for companies to deliver high-quality customer service consistently. This requires new investments in advanced technology. Yet, many companies are pouring millions into maintaining applications that are not adequate to meet the expectations of today’s tech-savvy customers.

Mobile technologies and social media have completely overturned the old model of customer service. Companies serious about providing great customer service must look at an integrated approach that enables them to deliver services over many channels including voice- and e-mail-based, self-service, social media and mobile.

New contact centre applications must provide companies an integrated view of all the interactions occurring across channels. Some of the best products in the market like Cisco, Genesys and Aspect already do this. For cost-conscious companies though, there are very few alternatives in the open-source world.

At Lexys, we are working with companies to offer cost-effective alternatives to the more expensive contact center solutions. The other benefits of our approach is the flexibility it gives the companies instead of locking them into costly technology investments. We will keep you posted on our solutions in the coming days.

Please visit our site at or write to us at to know more about our offerings.


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