Get mobile right

There is frenzied interest among companies towards developing mobile applications. It is, however, important to take a measured, holistic and conservative approach to derive expected benefits. It is important to understand the following things clearly before developing mobile apps.

Mobile apps are expensive. To build powerful apps, companies must develop different versions for different operating systems. In addition to this, the apps should work well on a wide-variety of mobile phones with different screen sizes. This requires a lot of development and testing work, which is not exactly cheap.

Put experience over functionality. The ultimate test of a mobile application’s merit lies not in how much functionality it offers, but in how easy and intuitive it is for people to use. Apps with a lot of functionality are not only hard to navigate, but may even be hard to manage. Frequent OS upgrades make it hard for companies to port all the features to newer versions easily.

Apps must be fully integrated and consistent with important systems. In terms of the look and feel, mobile apps must be consistent with other enterprise applications. They must use the same language. More importantly, they must be integrated with critical enterprise system to be of any real benefit to companies. In the coming posts, we will give you more specific examples on this.

In a nutshell, companies must develop a well-thought mobile application strategy first instead of developing apps arbitrarily based on the demand from internal businesses. A framework has to be put in place that allows them to prioritise application development.

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